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Classic Candy Bars

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Remember all the old-fashioned sweets you would find at your local candy store as a child? Take a trip down memory lane with us by shopping from our selection of classic candy bars today. We have them all here – the flavored wafers you couldn’t wait to unwrap before you even left the store, the caramels that would melt in your mouth on each warm summer day, and the long-lasting taffy that would keep your taste buds busy for hours on end. Indulge your cravings by exploring our selection to find a few of your favorite treats by brands you know and love.

Our selection of old-fashioned candy bars includes all the bestsellers from way back when. Try a West Coast delicacy by scooping up a supply of Abba-Zaba® candy bars to enjoy two ounces of thick and chewy taffy anytime you desire. Kick back and relax with a Big Hunk® candy bar to enjoy the taste of roasted peanuts and honey-sweetened nougat. Candy lovers craved nougat back then, so it’s no surprise that the candy masterminds at Annabelle Candy Company decided to make a chocolate-covered alternative to the Big Hunk®. The Look! candy bar will make your mouth water with each and every bite. Our selection of classic candy bars includes Charleston Chew®, Bit-O-Honey®, and much more. Prepare for a sweet surprise by stocking up on chocolate candy cups filled with oozing marshmallow or vanilla crème. We also carry Goo Goo® Clusters, scented gum, mint squares, Turkish taffy, jellies, and more.

Old-fashioned candy bars are great for parties with nostalgic themes or corporate events. Vintage treats will also be a big hit at any wedding, birthday party, or holiday. If you own an old-fashioned candy store, turn back time with a blast from the past by stocking your store with hard-to-find sweets that will keep your customers coming back again and again. Shop from our collection of classic candy bars today, and remember to register your account so you can log multiple shipping addresses and track orders with ease. If you have any questions about this product selection, please call or email us today to learn more.

Remember all the old fashioned candy bars you would find at your local candy store back in the day? Find them all right here! Shop and buy for delivery direct to your door... fresh inventory in stock now. The sweet memories will come rushing back with every delicious bite of these classic candy bars.
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