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In terms of chocolate candy bars, there are only a handful of brands that chocolate lovers turn to in their times of need. Nestlé® candy happens to be one of those select brands, and they have been manufacturing some of the most popular candy bars on the market since 1866. The company was founded by two separate Swiss enterprises. Confectioner Henri Nestlé perfected the milk chocolate manufacturing process. His innovative spirit launched an entire legacy dripped in chocolate, and the modern makers of Nestlé® chocolate candy bars continue to delight and surprise us with new ways to satisfy our cravings. What are the secret ingredients behind their success? Quality and great taste – it’s as simple as that. Explore our selection today to find all your favorite treats.

CandyWarehouse.com proudly offers a wide selection of Nestlé® chocolate candy bars, including some of their most recognizable inventions. Are you looking for sweet treats that your little ones will love? Fun-size candy assortments are perfect for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays. We offer an array of miniature assortments and snack packs that make snack time so easy. Nestlé® may be known for their chocolate, but they are also responsible for a wide variety of gummy candy, chocolate-covered raisins, semi-sweet chocolate morsels for baking, and much more.

Trade your usual indulgence for an international goodie. Toffee Crisp® by Nestlé® is a bestseller in Britain, which is no surprise because this candy bar features puffed rice embedded in a soft toffee slab that’s then coated in rich milk chocolate. You can also try a LION® candy bar, with delicious chocolate, crispy wafer, and chewy caramel to keep your taste buds busy for a while. You might better recognize the AERO® candy bar, which creates a cool bubbling sensation as it melts in your mouth due to the tiny air bubbles in the chocolate. Talk about an interactive snack!

Shop from our Nestlé® candy collection today to find familiar and foreign treats that will keep you coming back for more. Remember to register your account so you can track orders, store multiple shipping addresses, and enjoy faster checkout processes. If you have any questions, please contact us today for further assistance.

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