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Nestle Fun Size Candy Bars Assortment: 230-Piece Bag by Nestle

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It’s a fact that kids have tiny hands. So when you gave them the okay to take as much candy as they could last Halloween you probably saw a lot of frustrated faces instead of happy ones. This year will be different. Nestle can turn those frowns upside down with their Fun Size Candy Bars. Plus, These aren’t just any regular candy bars. Those tiny palms will be diving into a bag of Crunch, Butterfinger, BabyRuth, and 100 Grand minis. So when you give them the okay, they really will be able to grab as much as they want. And with 100 pieces included, you’ll have enough to last through the night.

Bag contains 230 Fun Size Nestle Candy Bars, including:
Butterfinger Bars
Nestlé Crunch Bars
100 Grand Bars
Baby Ruth Bars

Shipping Weight ~ 7 lbs.