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Necco Candy

Necco began in 1847 under Chase and Company, a confectionery created by Oliver and Silas Chase, two brothers who patented the first candy making machine in the United States. It is here that the classic Necco wafers were first made under the name of Hub Wafers, and soon, after many small mergers, the New England Confectionery Company was established in 1901. Continuing their innovations in the candy industry, the Chase brothers designed machinery to manufacture several types of treats and dominated the market for many years. Even the military found a use for their products, as they requisitioned the famous sugar wafers during World War II because of the non-melting and portability qualities of the sweet treat.

To the dismay of Necco candy fans, the company was sold to Round Hill Investments LLC in 2018, who quickly turned the confectionery over to the Spangler Candy Company, thus ending the long run of America’s oldest candy manufacturer. Fortunately, Candy Warehouse is one of the few places you can still find the iconic, and much-loved Valentines candy treats like the conversation hearts known as Sweethearts, as well as Clark Bars, Wafers, Slap Stix, and Sky Bars. Never run out of your favorite candies again by stocking up on these legendary treats available in value-priced bulk sizes right here at your online candy store with more!
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