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Starlight Mints and Pinwheel Candy

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Although peppermint is a popular flavor for candies, ice cream, and other scrumptious treats, the oil was originally used for medicinal purposes. Throughout the last century, peppermint has grown into a household favorite flavoring that shows no signs of slowing down. CandyWarehouse.com is proud to be one of the leading online candy shops with yummy selections and unique confections. Our selection of starlight mints and pinwheel candy offers more than a dozen colorful and fun options for fundraiser giveaways, birthday party favors, event goodies, or self-serve buffets at weddings, baby showers, or celebrations. Explore our inventory today to satisfy your sweet tooth or stock up for an upcoming event! Starlight mints are an age-old classic that never wanes in popularity. Whether you are looking for that classic red and white for your office’s reception desk, after-meal refreshments for your restaurant’s patrons, or an invigorating treat for an upcoming corporate event, look no further. Pinwheel candy offers a breeze that is just as crisp as fresh powder snow in the chill of morning. These delicious candies are ideal for sharing because of their individual wrappers. Add a pop of color to your living room coffee table or create a vibrant wedding favor for your friends and loved ones to enjoy. Our selection of pinwheel candy provides a wide range of small and bulk sizes for you to choose from, between one and six pounds of delectable candy mints for any occasion. Our customers depend on us to provide an extraordinary variety, and that is why we proudly offer sugar-free and organic peppermints, spearmint or wintergreen alternatives, and other adventurous flavors to satisfy your cravings. These refreshing mint hard candies feature pinwheel swirls colored with all natural fruit extracts and flavoring from pure peppermint oil. Simply unwrap and enjoy the wave of minty goodness. Your taste buds will be begging for more! If you have any questions about our candy selection or our starlight mints, please contact us today so we can help turn your confectionary dreams into a reality.
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