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Tootsie Roll Industries has a long and celebrated history in sweet confections. Their sweet adventure began back in 1896, when Leo Hirshfield set out to develop a new kind of candy that didn’t melt in the heat. As the first individually wrapped penny candy in America, Tootsie Rolls grew into one of the most iconic candies in the world. We carry an extensive selection of Tootsie Roll® products for snack time or any special occasion. Our selection includes all the classic taffy-like chews you remember snacking on as a kid as well as their signature lollipops, fruit rolls, pop drops, cremes, and so much more. Browse our inventory today to stock up on all your favorites!

Similar to caramels and chocolates, even candy experts can’t quite pin down what makes Tootsie Roll® candy so downright delicious. These chewy, chocolate candies are made with just a few simple ingredients. Part of their popularity toward the start of the 20th century was that they were very economical. Candy manufacturing took a big dip during both world wars due to a limited supply of raw materials. These days, you can buy Tootsie Rolls in bulk to save up for parties, holidays, or any festive occasion worth celebrating.

Looking for other chewy bites to keep you satisfied between meals? Fans of the tart or tangy, you may just drool. We carry a yummy collection of Frooties® by Tootsie Roll in every flavor you can think of. Try one of our mega mixes to gain eight mouthwatering fruit flavors or you can order each flavor individually to decorate for a themed event. Become the best trick-or-treating stop in the neighborhood by choosing scrumptious candy assortments filled with all the best-selling candies by Tootsie Roll Industries.

The Tootsie Roll® candy collection at Candy Warehouse is packed with other great options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Discover Charleston Chew®, a chewy vanilla nougat with delicious milk chocolate or strawberry coating. Dive into confectionery heaven when you try Junior Caramels® smothered in chocolate. Black licorice fans have something to smile about with Crows® chewy gumdrops. In addition to sweets, we also carry an array of gifts and Tootsie Roll® pillows so you can sleep with sweet dreams on the horizon. If you have any questions about our product selection or shipping, please feel free to contact a member of our team for further assistance.