Koko's Confectionery

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Koko’s Confectionery creates unique and delicious novelty candy that will bring a whole new level of excitement to your next birthday party or event! Koko’s candy makes the party treats you’ve been searching for, including candy jewelry in colorful rings and bracelets, and squeeze candy in wacky flavors and themes like DC Comics and Scooby-DOO. And for those who go gonzo over the nostalgic taste of the beloved ICEE, Koko’s has you covered with Dip-N-Lik candy packaged just like the famed slushie, or giant gummies flavored like the original drink! When you are looking for something new and different to fill your candy bowl, or feed a crowd of youngsters at your next birthday event, rely on the candy jewelry, sprays, squeezes, popping candy, cotton candy, lollipops, and gum from Candy Warehouse to light up everyone’s faces with pure exhilaration!