Brown and Haley

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Founded in 1914, Brown and Haley was the first confectioner to develop Almond Roca, and continues the tradition of fine candy making to this day. Brown and Haley Almond Roca stands alone as one of the most decadent treats ever created and has a buttercrunch toffee center with almonds, covered in a signature blend of cocoa beans and almond pieces. Other awe-inspiring delights from Brown & Haley include delectable the Mountain Bar, a candy bar that takes your snacking pleasure to new heights as it is truly a mountain of peanut infused chocolate over a creamy vanilla, peanut butter or cherry center, and Mountain Thins, the simplicity of peanuts, sunflower seeds, pretzels, and bananas covered in milk chocolate. For the freshest in-stock selections of these pure morsels of luxury, shop online at Candy Warehouse!