Anabelle Candy Company

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Annabelle's candy company began in 1918 when Sam Altshuler came up with the recipe for Rocky Road in his kitchen. After a meager beginning selling his creations in movie theaters, he founded Annabelles candy in 1950, naming his new enterprise after his daughter. This family-owned company makes some of the most iconic and loved treats right in their California-based factory, including the chewy taffy bar with a creamy peanut butter center known as Abba Zabba, and the Big Hunk candy bar, a chewy, honey-sweetened nougat bar with whole roasted peanuts. When its time for a treat that brings back fond memories of days when candy was pure, sweet goodness, try the honest to goodness taste of a Look, U-No, or Abba Zaba candy bar from Candy Warehouse!