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Sticklettes Petite Candy Sticks - Lime: 150-Piece Tub by Sticklettes

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Item #: 129777



Go Green…& White, with Sticklettes Green & White candy. These likeable and lick-able lime candy sticks don't grow on trees, but they have such remarkable citrus taste you just might swear that they do. You can proudly display their individually wrapped cylindrical candy shimmer in a candy bowl medley or use them as a swizzle in your late-afternoon Lime Rickey that you enjoy out on the lanai. Thank Sticklettes Green & White for being a friend.

Stick Specifications-
Length: 2.25 Inches
Diameter: 0.25 Inch
Flavor: Lime

Tub contains 150 wrapped Green & White Sticklettes Petite Candy Sticks.

Shipping Weight ~ 2.5 lbs.

DISCLAIMER: Color may vary from photographs. Manufacturing process often differs slightly with every batch. Each hard candy stick has a thin, slightly soft outer layer. NO REFUNDS.