LifeSavers Hard Candy Singles - 5 Flavors: 41-Ounce Bag by LifeSavers

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There are many types of heroes, but only one lethal monster. His name isn’t widely known, but you’ll realize he’s around when you get a serious craving. Luckily, if you’re equipped with LifeSavers Fruit Singles you’ll be prepared for any random uprisings. Simply pop a fruity hoop into your mouth to rescue yourself from the monstrous desire for something sweet. Perfect for those on the go, add this 41-ounce bag to the car or stuff your pockets with the individually wrapped rainbow treats. You never know when you’ll need to save the day.

Flavors include:

Bag contains 41 ounces of 5 Flavors LifeSavers Hard Candy Singles... that's about 300 pieces.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.