LifeSavers 5 Flavors Big Gummy Rings: 150-Piece Bag by Life Savers

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In life, we all have our favorites. Beyond comfort food, clothing, and the common amenities, we each deserve a little sweetness in our day-to-day. Satisfy your sweet tooth by trying a classic with a modern twist. LifeSavers® are all grown up now, and they’re bigger and better than ever. We carry LifeSavers® big gummy rings that pack a punch of flavor like you’ve never experienced before.

Each LifeSavers® 5-flavors big gummy rings: 150-piece bag features the latest flavors your taste buds have been begging for. Let your tongue salsa with strawberry, waltz with watermelon, cha-cha-cha with cherry, ballet with blackberry, or dance "Gangnam Style" with green apple. Each sugar-coated gummy is much larger than its miniature counterpart, so the fun doesn’t have to end until every sugary bit is gone for good. Once that happens, you can skip right back to to stock up for snack time all over again.

See what all the hype is about and taste for yourself when you tear open a bag of LifeSavers® big gummy rings with 150 pieces. Each big LifeSavers® gummy ring is individually wrapped, so you can pass them out a Halloween or stuff them in stockings for Christmas. Each LifeSavers® 5-flavors big gummy rings: 150-piece bag works just as well for offices, waiting rooms, or corporate events. You can create a colorful display for an upcoming party with a bright and delicious candy bar filled with LifeSavers® big gummy rings. Have questions? We are here to help! Contact us today so we can steer you in the right direction.

Green Apple

Ring Diameter: 1 1/2 Inch

Bag contains 150 pieces of wrapped LifeSavers 5 Flavors Big Ring Gummies.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lbs.