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Licorice Candy

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Originally from south Asia, licorice is an old-fashioned confection many of us know too well. Whether you prefer to call them red vines or candy twists, you can find all the classic licorice candy you crave and love in our colorfully scrumptious selection, including red, black, and sour licorice. CandyWarehouse.com is proud to offer some of the best brands in confections, including Haribo®, Jelly Belly®, Twizzlers®, AirHeads®, and so much more. From flavored straws to delectable wheels, you can stock up on all your favorites for upcoming holidays, corporate events, or parties. Explore our inventory to learn more!Licorice

Most licorice enthusiasts are familiar with red or black licorice, but our licorice candy selection boasts an array of delightful colors and flavors. We carry variety packs and bulk packages with classic or exciting flavors such as cherry, black raspberry, blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, green apple, blueberry, and pineapple. In addition to yummy flavors, our black licorice selections boast some tasty surprises. Find bears, cats, skulls, diamonds, coins, and cubes to decorate your buffet for a spooky affair. Feeling brave and bold? Take your taste buds for a walk on the wild side by exploring our sour licorice varieties. Savor the tang with bite-sized morsels, sugar-coated laces, or spiral twists in wild fruit, peach, watermelon, or other exotic flavors.

Classy and refined, licorice tidbits are the perfect accents for any candy display at parties, weddings, or any festive occasion that calls for candy. Each capsule-shaped morsel is perfectly shaped for gathering palm-sized portions, and its decorative sugar-coating provides a satisfying crunch. They're beautiful and delicious!

We pride ourselves on updating our inventory to include all the sweets and treats our customers crave. Explore our inventory today to find delectable licorice candy today! Register your online account with us to receive special offers. You’ll also learn about sales before anyone else! We also provide free cold packs with expedited orders of meltable products. If you have any questions about our product selection, shipping, or finding a specific candy, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.
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Licorice Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

"I had the craziest dream last night!" I said to my mom in the morning. "Really? What happened?" "The floor of my bedroom was covered in Red Strawberry Twizzlers. I went to tie my sneakers and the shoelaces were made out of Green Apple Licorice Laces. I looked out the window and you were walking a group of Licorice Scottie Dogs. It was so weird! The wheels of our car were made out of Haribo Licorice Wheels and when I tried to eat one you sent me to my room." "Gosh, Lizzy, that does sound like a crazy dream. I mean, licorice candy has always been your favorite, but that sounds… excessive!" Lizzy nodded, chewing on her breakfast- a bowl of Licorice Allsorts Nuggets. She packed her lunchbox full of Dorval Sour Power Belts, and headed to school.

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