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Lemonhead & Friends Candy Mini Packs: 50-Piece Bag by Lemonhead

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Lemonhead used to be a lonely guy. He would watch lemon-themed sitcoms on his lemon-themed TV in his lemon-themed apartment until the big hand struck a lemon on his lemon-themed clock. Then, one day, while shopping for lemons at the nearby lemon market, he met some friendly out-of-towners who loved all things sour, including lemons! Their names were Cherryhead and Applehead. His new friends softened his heart, and he discovered a new side of himself -- Chewy Lemonhead in Lemon, Berry Awesome, Fruit Mix, Tropical, and Redrific flavors! Now you can get all seven varieties of Lemonhead and his friends in this bag of sixty fun-size boxes. Share a few with your own friends and see just how sweet sour can be!

Bag contains 60 Mini Packs of Lemonhead & Friends Candy.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.

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