Koppers Milk Chocolate Covered Malt Balls - Pink: 5LB Bag by Koppers

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Some people like their candy to be straight forward, no-nonsense, good-tasting sweet stuff. And some people just really want their candy to look pretty in jars. But we want to know -- why can’t it do both?

These little pink spheres look like cute bouncy balls, or perhaps even shiny gumballs. But they aren’t. They’re so much more -- they’re so much malt. They look positively dashing in any display, but they’re sweeter than mere eye candy. Simply sink your teeth into the shiny confectionery coating of pastel pink, then allow them to traverse the smooth creaminess of a layer of milk chocolate, finally greeting the airy crisp of the malt center with a decisive crunch. Now there’s a candy that can do it all!

There are approximately 55 pieces per pound.
Ball Diameter: 1 Inch

Bag contains 5 pounds of Pink Milk Chocolate Covered Malt Balls.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs. Kosher Certified.