Kanro Assorted Colors Pencil Hard Candy: 25-Piece Bag by Kanro

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Struggling to master your calligraphy in both of the Japanese alphabets? Maybe some authentic Japanese colored pencil candies will help! Straight from the land of the rising sun, these crunchy, fruity, miniature writing utensils come in a variety of fun flavors like lime, mango, lemon, soda, grape, pink grapefruit, muscat, and strawberry. Sure, you may not be able to write with them very well, but they’ll give you a break between learning Kanji and Hiragana so you can savor the fruity fun of a Nihon (Japanese) treat.

Bag contains 25 pieces of wrapped Kanro Assorted Colored Pencil Hard Candy.

Made in Japan.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.