ICEE Squeeze Candy Packs: 144-Piece Case by Koko's Confectionery

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The ICEE was created in 1958, when Kansas Dairy Queen owner Omar Knedlik, lacking a real soda fountain, decided to store soda bottles in his freezer. One day, he left a few bottles in too long, and the soda froze. Surprisingly, instead of being annoyed by the slushy soda they received, his customers were completely delighted by the frozen concoction. He spent the next five years inventing a machine that would allow him to create this unique treat more efficiently, and after much experimenting and toiling, the ICEE was born.

Experience three favorite flavors of this beloved slushy drink, in a convenient liquid gel candy form! Squeeze it onto a spoon, into your hand, or straight into your mouth from one of the ICEE individual packets to delight in all the ICEE goodness without the fear of a brain-freeze!

Flavor assortment includes:
Blue Raspberry
Green Apple

Packet Dimensions (Inches): 1.5 x 2.75

Case contains 144 ICEE Squeeze Candy Packs, each with a net weight of 0.26 ounces.

Shipping Weight ~ 27 lbs.