Ice Cream Sundae Lollipop Bouquets: 20-Piece Display by Koko's Confectionery

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Do you prefer your ice cream in a cup or cone? How about on a stick?

Ok, so we’ll admit this isn’t real ice cream. Come on, serving it on a stick sounds fun and all, but it would get pretty messy -- so here’s the next best thing! Yummy "scoops" of ice cream create this three-piece lollipop bouquet. Each assorted fruit flavored confection is masterfully decorated by hand, making them pretty to display and sweet to eat! (So we recommend you do both.)

Sucker Specifications-
Candy Length: 2 Inches
Total Lengths (vary): 7.5 Inches (shortest) - 9 Inches (tallest)

Display box contains 20 Ice Cream Sundae Lollipop Bouquets, each with three pops and a net weight of 1.59 ounces.

Shipping weight ~ 4 lbs.

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