Hot Pink Honeycomb Candy Bags: 25-Piece Pack by Party Darby

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For a playful yet sophisticated take on stylish geometric patterns, try a design that’s as sweet as honey! Hexagonal honeycomb shapes are the latest trend to have the fashion world all abuzz, so add a bit of vogue flair to your next gathering with these hot pink honeycomb candy bags! Made with white craft paper for a classy, semi-opaque look, these fancy bags also double as a cute envelope for a small greeting card or note. Plus they’re so much more than just a pretty face: these bags are also recyclable and biodegradable! Now that’s what we call eco-friendly chic. Send party guests home with a honeycomb bag full of candy, and they’ll surely all agree -- these bags are the bee’s knees!

Bag Dimensions (Inches): 5 x 7.5

Pack contains 25 Hot Pink Honeycomb Candy Bags.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.