Hot Pink Casablanca Pattern Candy Bags: 25-Piece Pack by Party Darby

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Whether you’re throwing a "Casablanca" movie screening at home, a Sweet Festival to celebrate Eid Mubarak, or perhaps you just have an obsession with Moorish architecture, grab this 25-piece pack of Casablanca-themed candy bags. The medium sized paper bags are triple threats. Let them carry notes to thank guests for their attendance, use them to insert gift cards as party favors, or add them to your candy buffet table so guests won’t have to stuff their pockets. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you prepare yourself to receive a barrage of compliments. Guests won’t be able to stop themselves from telling you how cute their hot pink candy bags are.

Bag Dimensions (Inches): 5 x 7

Pack contains 25 Hot Pink Casablanca Pattern Candy Bags.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1/2 lb.