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Saint Patrick's Day

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Did your boss give you the green light to organize the company St. Patrick’s Day party? If so, you’re in luck! Candy Warehouse carries a wide selection of St. Patrick’s Day candy and you’ll find no shortage of green goodies in our inventory. This festive holiday was first recognized and observed in the 17th century to commemorate the life and death of Saint Patrick. Today, the rivers in many cities run green with dye to create a magical experience for all spectators to enjoy. Create a stunning selection of St. Patrick's day candy on your own terms.

One of the most famous fairies in Irish folklore is the leprechaun. Add a little bit of a mischievous twist to your feast by stocking up on gold mine bubblegum, chocolate gold nuggets, foiled chocolate cigars, foiled coins, or hilarious Irish potato candy filled with coconut. Our St. Patrick Day candy assortment includes a fine selection of mints, coated espresso coffee beans, green jelly beans in all the flavors you crave, chocolate gems, lollipops, gummy bites, and so much more.

March is still rather cold in much of the country. Warm your soul with a soothing cup of green hot chocolate served from a cauldron. Want to satisfy your bubbling desire for a shot or a drink without any inkling of a headache the next day? Wouldn’t we all! Our St. Patrick's Day candy collection includes a wide variety of liquor-filled chocolate bottles by Anthon Berg®. Explore our selection of liquor-filled chocolates and truffles by some of the best in spirits, including Johnnie Walker®, Guinness®, and Baileys®, just to name a few.

Make party planning fun and easy with the help of our confection assortments and self-serve buffet kits. Each assortment we offer includes several types of St. Patrick day candy while our buffet kits come with other kinds of delicious treats for up to 50 guests. Candy buffet kits also include containers, favor bags, scoops, tongs, and all the serving essentials you need to make hosting your party a breeze. If you have any questions about our St. Patrick’s Day candy collection, please feel free to contact one of our confectionery specialists today.

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Larry the Leprechaun had lived a hard life. Today was his 16th birthday, and also St. Patrick’s Day. As he walked the lonely streets of New York on this chilly March night, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for himself. While most of his brothers and sisters had already found three or four pots of gold by their 15th birthday, Larry was 16 and had never found one. He had never even seen a rainbow, for Pete’s sake!

Larry walked with his head down, sinking his hands into his green suit pockets. He searched the city streets for some deeper meaning, anything. A sign.

Suddenly, when he looked up, he was in front of the brightest green window he had ever seen! It was an apartment, a party of some sort. He could see groups of people inside laughing and having a good time. But mostly he saw the window, decorated with sparkling green lights and an amazing array of green bulk candy. There were different shades of green: dark green chocolate hearts, light green salt water taffy, and sparkling green rock candy crystals.

Larry’s sweet tooth helped him to overcome his shyness, so he just walked right in and introduced himself to the host, Charles. With his stories of leprechaun mischief, Larry was soon the life of the party. When he told everyone it was his birthday, Charles ran into his kitchen and came out with a pot full of gold. Larry the Leprechaun couldn’t believe his eyes. He immediately gave the host a big hug.

Charles was touched. He had never seen a man who loved candy gold coins, or St. Patrick’s Day, so much. He thought the whole "pretending to be a leprechaun" thing was a little weird, but hey. Let the guy have his dreams.