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Celebrate the start of a new year by hosting a party with your very own candy buffet. Candy Warehouse offers one of the largest selections of New Year’s candy, and this collection is brimming with wonderful treats to savor and share. Our New Year’s Eve candy collection includes all the name brands that keep you coming back again and again. You can also save time and energy with one of our candy buffet kits. We cover the design element of your dessert table by carefully curating kits that contain a variety of color-coded candies to suit any festive occasion. Explore our selection today to find all your favorites and maybe a few surprises.

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker! Paired together, you’re looking at a seriously splendid time with friends or family. We conveniently carry liquor-filled chocolate bottles to satisfy your bubbling desire for an adult beverage. Any of our chocolate bottle bundles are perfect for sharing or saving for a special occasion such as New Year’s Eve. Every bundle we carry includes name brands you love and enjoy, including Jim Beam®, Cointreau®, Jack Daniel’s®, Rémy Martin®, and so many more. No need to even carry a flask anymore. Just slip a box of Booze Drops into your pocket or purse and take the edge off any time with a hit of these delicious hard candies in an assortment of premium spirit flavors such as absinthe, brandy, rose rum, tequila, vodka, and more.

Turn any rendezvous into a full-blown festive occasion with gummy shot glasses. Moving on to the martini phase of your evening? Browse our rim sugar selection to find a variety of cocktail essentials, with coconut, cranberry, lemon, mango, margarita, and peppermint sugar to suit any kind of sweet tooth. Take your mixology skills a step further by creating custom cocktails with edible garnishes! We carry rock candy swizzle sticks, masquerade lollipops, chocolate-covered almonds in the shape of pimento olives, or hard candy sticks in an array of mouthwatering flavors. Our jelly beans come in a wild array of flavors, but few are as festive as champagne and draft beer.

In addition to New Year’s candy, we also offer a wonderful variety of supplies to help you jumpstart the party planning process. Make a toast with chocolate cups or send everyone home with an assortment of treats in our candy bags. We also carry candy tongs, pinwheel spinners, disposable glassware, piñatas, and other serving supplies. Register your account today to make the next checkout process faster, store multiple addresses, and track orders. If you have any questions about our New Year’s Eve candy collection, please contact us today for additional information.

New Years Party Candy Buffets

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New Year’s eve was only a day away. Garry Glum sat in his desk at work, wondering where the time had gone. His coworker Linda came up to him to remind him that it was his turn to clean out the office refrigerator.

"Typical," he said with a frown.

"Oh, Garry, it’s not so bad. Anyways, do you have any new years resolutions?"

"Uh, yeah. Where do I start? What, you want the whole list?" Garry began reading from a thick packet of stapled papers. "1) Get a new job. 2) Get in shape. 3) Get that stupid tattoo removed. 4) Stop daydreaming about becoming a contestant on American Idol. 5) Stop talking to my cat. 6) Stop eating massive amounts of candy every morning. 7) Stop-"

"-Ok, ok. Gosh, that’s a big list."

"I’ve been writing it for over five years now. Same problems, five years later. Nothing ever changes."

"Stop being a bummer, geez! Take it one resolution at a time. What’s the most important thing in that whole list?" Garry thought about this for a moment.

"I guess #326- have fun. I haven’t had fun in, like, years."

"Oh, well that one’s easy- you should have fun on New Year’s eve, tomorrow night. What are your plans?"

"Oh, I don’t know. Probably just sit at home watching reruns of MASH and folding laundry."

"You should have a party. A FUN party. I’ll come, and I’ll get all my friends and people from the office to come, too."

"I don’t know how to have a party. I don’t have any of the decorations, snacks, or anything."

"Gosh, Garry. Be optimistic! Get creative! I gotta go but I’ll see you there, tomorrow night!"

Garry arrived home to find a package from his mother- it was a huge box of New Years-themed candy from the most amazing bulk candy store... CandyWarehouse! Perfect!

The next night, his doorbell rang. It was Linda, with fifteen of her closest friends. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

"Oh, wow! This place looks amazing!"

Rock candy swizzle sticks stood brightly on a table in the center of the room, surrounded by colorful Hershey’s Kisses and candy chocolate clocks. His kitchen counter was turned into a candy bar, with peppermint candy shot glasses, candy cocktail stirrers, and even an assortment of liquor-filled chocolate bottles. His collection of gumball machines were stationed throughout the apartment.

The party was a smashing success. Guests were impressed and delighted with the themed décor, and could not get enough of the treats. Linda asked Garry if he was having fun.

"You know what? I think I am!" he announced with a smile. A few minutes later, though, he turned to her with a slight frown.

"Of course, later I’ll have to clean it up. And everyone’s eating my candy. And I’ll never be on American Idol. Simon would tear me to shreds."

Linda rolled her eyes and grabbed a handful of M&Ms.