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New Easter Candy for 2020

133 Products

Easter is a day we look forward to all year long. We remember the rush of tiptoeing down the staircase on Easter morning, just to catch a glimpse of that ever-elusive bunny. At Candy Warehouse, we carry all the treats the kiddos love, as well as the sweets you loved eating as a child. There’s no better way to wake up from winter than with an old-fashioned sugar rush. We offer a wide selection of Easter basket candy to satisfy any kind of sweet tooth. Our selection includes all the name brands you know and love, including SweeTarts®, Pixy Stix®, Jolly Rancher®, Jelly Belly®, and so many more. Explore our selection today to find new Easter candy you will certainly want to snack on.

Easter basket candy is essential, and we carry all the latest candies those confectionery masterminds are making. If you’re planning an event or a dessert table, you can create a beautiful display with candy tulip or daisy bouquets. Candy flowers look great and taste even better! Our Jelly Belly® bean-shaped lollipops are designed in a jumble of three vibrant colors and flavors. Stock up on two or ten pounds of their emoji jelly beans to let your guests mix and match their moods. Our giant bubble gum eggs from Dubble Bubble® are filled with chewy candy rainbow nuggets.

Our new Easter candy collection includes plenty of sweets for chocolate lovers. Satisfy your cravings by stocking up on sinfully delicious chocolate squares made by Dove® or miniature Cadbury eggs filled with creamy milk chocolate. Our Easter selection wouldn’t be the same without chocolate bunnies to fill your baskets. We offer a wide variety of foiled bunnies made by Madelaine®, Snickers®, and other great brands.

Some people have a sweet tooth, but others have a sour side that’s just waiting to let loose. Our sour jelly bean assortments offer a refreshing array of tangy fruit flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling long after they’re gone. We also carry malted milk eggs, gummy bunnies, chocolate covered marshmallow treats, and candy powder straws. Explore our selection of Easter basket candy today to find all your favorite treats in one convenient place. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us for additional information.