Chinese New Year Candy

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Chinese New Year candy is an integral part of the traditions associated with the Lunar New Year. Grand celebrations happen all over the world featuring luxe décor, grand feasts, fireworks, and pyrotechnic displays, and of course, the traditional gifting of anything the color red. With the help of Candy Warehouse, you can have your own New Year extravaganza complete with mouth-watering treats such as chocolate coins wrapped in gold, red and gold chocolate stars, and red foiled truffles. Offer each of your guests a Chinese New Year candy box overflowing with shiny metallic red wrapped mints, scarlet colored caramel filled chocolate candy balls, and cherry red lollipops and watch their eyes light up with delight. For your next Chinese New Year party, shop our vast array of bulk, affordably priced, and high-quality candies, and put on a celebration that no one will forget!