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Hi Chew candy is a worldwide favorite that began in Japan by confectionary genius, Taichiro Morinaga, who was driven by the need to invent a candy that had the favored texture of chewing gum. After its introduction, Hi Chew became an icon in Japanese culture and is currently in high demand across the globe. Hi-Chew candy flavors are varied and unique and include the classic mellow tastes of grape, strawberry, mango, and green apple to the awakening sensation of Hi-Chew sours. Here at Candy Warehouse, we make it easy to find bulk Hi Chew candy at affordable prices, without the need to search specialty stores!

While the overall texture of the treat is enough to make people seek it out, the flavors of these Hi-Chew bites are certainly not to be ignored! With flavors such as mango, grape, strawberry, banana, green apple, and more, finding a flavor sensation you love with this beloved chewy texture is easy. The outside is a chewy white sugary casing with the inside of the treat housing the colorful flavor burst you expect from this beloved candy. Never bland and always the right texture, these treats are a go-to any candy lover can appreciate. Soft, sweet and irresistible, no matter what Hi-Chew flavor you choose from our collection of Hi-Chew in bulk, you're in for a long-lasting, mouth-watering treat. Browse our selection of Hi-Chew in bulk and enjoy!
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