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The story of Hi-Chew candy dates way back to the 1930s when an enterprising candy maker by the name of Taichiro Morinaga was trying to make a new kind of chewing gum for Japan. Back then, and even today, taking food out of your mouth was considered to be somewhat impolite. So, to make chewing gum a more culturally accepted snack he wanted to create a chewy candy, just like gum, but one that could be swallowed like any other food. Fortunately, Mr. Morinaga had the ability to make outstanding caramel. The caramel was special in many ways, but what made it unique was its smooth, creamy and chewy texture. In a stroke of candy-making genius, Mr. Morinaga took the unique texture and combined it with a natural strawberry flavor – in 1931 Chewlets was born. Following World War II, Morinaga had to re-build the company from the ground up. In 1975, and after a lot of work, Chewlets was re-introduced as the wonderful, fruit flavored candy now called Hi Chew. Since then Hi-Chew candy has become a cultural icon in Japan. To this day more than 113 different flavors of Hi-Chew have been created. While it was once only a staple in Japan, the fruity delight would start making the rounds in local Asian markets to help spread word of mouth. Today, Hi Chew candy enjoys a growing global popularity and can be found in convenience and grocery stores across the nation. So where can you buy Hi-Chew candy? Candy Warehouse of course!

While the overall texture of the treat is enough to make people seek it out, the flavors of these Hi-Chew bites are certainly not to be ignored! With flavors such as mango, grape, strawberry, banana, green apple, and more, finding a flavor sensation you love with this beloved chewy texture is easy. The outside is a chewy white sugary casing with the inside of the treat housing the colorful flavor burst you expect from this beloved candy. Never bland and always the right texture, these treats are a go-to any candy lover can appreciate. Soft, sweet and irresistible, no matter what Hi-Chew flavor you choose from our collection of Hi-Chew in bulk, you're in for a long-lasting, mouth-watering treat. Browse our selection of Hi-Chew in bulk and enjoy!

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