Hershey's Kisses Pink Foiled Milk Chocolates with Caramel Filling: 60-Piece Bag by Hershey Kisses

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If a triangular milk chocolate treat from Hershey’s is called a Kiss, then maybe, the pink caramel Hershey Kiss should be nicknamed the "French Kiss." After all, you’re getting something a little extra. For the moments when a peck is not enough, indulge your senses with these pink wrapped chocolates filled with sumptuous caramel. With bright wrapper designs evocative of pink tiger fur and white paper plumes indicating the surprise filling awaiting inside every piece, these decadent delights will have you saying "Oui, Oui!"

Bag contains 10 ounces of Pink Hershey's Kisses Caramel Filled Milk Chocolates... that's about 60 pieces.

These pink caramel Hershey Kisses are made in the USA.

The shipping weight for these pink-wrapped chocolates is around 1 lb. Kosher Certified.