Gummy Zombies Candy Packets: 20-Piece Bag by Frankford

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Aww, zombies -- there’s something so endearing about their grotesque faces. Don’t you just want to pat them on their half-exposed brains and squeeze those adorable rotting cheeks? Why, they're so cute you could just eat them right up!

Don’t look at us like that, you know you’ve been thinking it. And now you can! (Eat them, that is.) Squish these undead gummy visages between your fingers, then pop ‘em in your mouth! These orange, red, green, and purple creeps are perfect for handing out to trick-or-treaters or stocking in a candy bowl -- everyone loves a chewy zombie head. So, whether you're a fan of The Walking Dead, World War Z, or Night of the Living Dead, these delicious gummy body parts are sure to satisfy all your zombie cravings! Simply dump the gruesome candies in a bowl and watch the mob of un-dead droolers shuffle their way to partake.

Bag contains 20 packets of individually wrapped Gummy Zombie Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.