Gummy Sushi Candy : 21-Piece Bento Box Tray by Raindrops

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Raw fish never tasted so sweet! Whether you're a fan of albacore, yellow tail, or uni, this collection of gummy candy sushi is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. No soy sauce and wasabi is required to experience the pure joy this candy sushi delivers with every bite!

Assortment includes:
California Rolls (sour strawberry, sour cola, and orange marshmallow)
Inura (orange gumdrops)
Koikuchi (cola and strawberry strings)
Maki (cola and cherry)
Nigiri (orange gummy, orange marshmallow)
Urimaki (sour apple and strawberry)

Bento box contains 21 pieces of the finest Candy Sushi.

Made in Holland.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.