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Gummy Bears

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The original gummy bear was invented in Germany by the founder of Haribo in the early 1920s. Within the last century, they’ve become one of the world’s most popular confections. No matter what age you are, gummy bears are delightful treats that don’t leave you feeling guilty. Whether you are looking to stock up for the holidays or you regularly use gummie bears in your recipes, you have come to the right place. CandyWarehouse.com carries the widest selection of old-fashioned and new-fangled sweets at affordable prices. Since 1998, we have been committed to carrying a vast selection so you can find all the treats you need and adore. Explore our custom gummy bears today!Gummy Bears

Gooey on the outside and on the inside, it’s hard denying the addictive quality of gummy cubs and papa bears. Our selection of gummy bears provides an array of options, including miniature, jumbo, sour, organic, sugar-free, chocolate, jelly-filled, cinnamon, sugared, and everything in between. Our selection of gummy bear flavors delivers an explosion of succulent strawberries, divine grapes, tantalizing apples, juicy mangoes, vitalizing orange, wild cherry, tangy pineapple, zesty grapefruit, and many more.

Looking for the perfect gift to give to your favorite candy lover? Look no further. You’re probably familiar with candy necklaces and bracelets, but have you ever heard of charm necklaces, bracelets, or earrings made with gummie bears? We offer that with a twist though. While they look delicious, you’ll want to avoid taking a bite out of these. Each of the adorable gummy bear charms are made from rubber, so you can wear your jewelry again and again. Gummy bear jewelry would make for perfect party favors or birthday gifts. We also offer giant gummi bears on sticks, nightlights, refrigerator magnets, and scented soaps.

These chewy little bears in bright, assorted colors are still the perfect pick-me-up for adults, children, and those who are children at heart. Create an account online today to access your order history for quick reorders and to expedite your checkout process. If you have any questions about our custom gummy bears or shipping, we would love to hear from you. Please contact a member of our team today for further assistance.
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