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Gumball Machines

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Searching for a classic gift item that keeps on giving? We can think of no better solution than buying a gumball machine that can be set for free dispensing or coin operation. The first vending machine was invented in 251 BC, when Hero of Alexandria invented a mechanism for the Egyptian temples that dispensed holy water after visitors dropped a coin. Fast forward to 1907, and the gumball dispenser became a marvelous hit with the crowd. Throughout the years, these bubble gum machines have evolved into many shapes and sizes. We carry a wide selection so you can buy gumball machines to suit any bubblegum need.

Our gumball dispenser collection includes a variety of machines made by Dubble Bubble®, Jelly Belly®, Disney®, and other name brands. We proudly offer old-fashioned metal gumball dispensers as well as colorful spiral designs with lights and sound. Gumball machines make great novelty gifts. Know someone who never misses a Star Wars premiere? Stocked with all the beans you’ll need to satisfy the dark side of your appetite, our Star Wars jellybean machine features a cool transparent base that reveals the inner gears at work as you crank the storm-trooper handle. You can also buy a gumball machine for Disney lovers, sports fans, and more.

Discover the excitement of playing Skee Ball with gumballs! Roll a gumball up the incline of your new machine to score points and win big. Skee Ball machines are a great idea for birthday parties, and adding bubblegum to the game makes it all the more fun! We also carry pinball machines that dispense gumballs.

Buy a gumball machine with a wall mount for your home or office and fill them with candy or gumballs to keep your space fun and inviting. Best of all, we carry one of the largest selections of bubblegum. Restock and stock up for the future by exploring our candy shop today. IIf you have any questions about our gumball dispensers, please contact a customer representative today for further assistance.
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