Grillz Metal Teeth Candy Packs - Sour: 12-Piece Box by Candy Planet

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You’re a high-ranking individual in ancient Mayan Civilization. As you present the last calendar to the community, they all smile revealing gleaming gold teeth that look identical to yours. Centuries later, you’re in front of a massive crowd. As their heads nod in unison, you flash them not only with your melodic beats and flowing rap, but with your golden smile. Today you aren’t a Mayan or an early Hip Hop sensation, but you still love a little bit of flash. So adorn your teeth with gold and a whole lot of sour apple and berry flavor with Grillz Metal Teeth Candy Packs. Perfect for sharing with a small civilization, crew, or friends, break out this 12-piece pack and let the fun begin.

Display box contains 12 packs of Grillz Metal Teeth Sour Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.