Charms Super Blow Pops - Grape: 72-Piece Set by Charms

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During the last days of September in Northern Italy's Conegliano region, winemakers host a harvest festival during which people from the town carefully pluck bunches of grapes from vines that are due to become bottles of Prosecco, Italy's sparkling wine answer to France's champagne libation. The process is painstaking, and requires one's full attention so as not to damage the grapevine. We hope they never start to cut corners with the process, because their bottles are lip-smacking beauties to behold. In the 1970s, lollipop makers molding Charms Blow Pops also crafted each hard-candy-and-bubblegum hybrid by hand, and perhaps this is why stores had such a hard time keeping the delicious pops in stock! One of the original flavors to grace shelves in those days, grape, is still a crowd-pleaser; the classic tone of grape is timeless. An ultra sweet hard candy shell surrounds a sugary chunk of pink bubblegum in these larger-than-average sized lollipops, which makes for long-lasting snacking. Bravo!

Set contains 72 Grape Charms Super Blow Pops Fun House Lollipops with a refillable container.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 7 lbs.