Glass Candy Jars with Lids: 3-Piece Set by Party Darby

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Reminiscent of the Victorian Era, but with a modern edge, this 3-piece jar set has all the style to make your candy station a glamorous stop for sweets. Although the asymmetrical heights and sizes add to the visually appealing aesthetic, they make an even bigger impression when you add different types of candy. From compact gumballs to bulky rock candy sticks, the diverse dimensions will have you covered in the beauty element. Guests will think you hired a candy buffet architect.

Jar 1 Dimensions-
Height (without lid): 11.5 Inches
Height (with lid): 16.5 Inches
Diameter (at opening): 4 Inches

Jar 2 Dimensions-
Height (without lid): 10.5 Inches
Height (with lid): 14.5 Inches
Diameter (at opening): 4.5 Inches

Jar 3 Dimensions-
Height (without lid): 7.5 Inches
Height (with lid): 11.5 Inches
Diameter (at opening): 4.5 Inches

Set contains 3 Glass Candy Jars with Lids.

Shipping Weight ~ 15 lbs.