Giant Sour Gummy Crocodiles Candy: 5LB Bag by Fini

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In Ancient Egypt, the Nile River was full of large crocodiles, animals which were both greatly feared and highly revered by the Egyptians. They believed the crocodile-headed deity, Sobek, had created the world, and travelers would pray to him for protection on their journeys down the Nile. Some of the boldest Egyptians even dared to keep crocodiles as sacred pets, feeding them the best cuts of meat and mummifying them once they died.

Just like those brazen crocodile-taming Egyptians, you can wrangle your own aquatic predators! Well, a candy croc, anyway. These giant  gummies possess a ferociously sour fruit flavor, but don’t be scared -- they (probably) won’t bite back! And if you don’t have time to return them to the Nile, we hear that your belly is the next best place for these fellas to make a cozy home.

There are approximately 12 pieces per pound.
Crocodile Length: 6 Inches

Bag contains 5 pounds of Giant Sour Gummy Crocodiles Candy.

Made in Spain.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.