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Giant PEZ Dispenser

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A giant PEZ dispenser is a fabulous gift idea for every PEZ fan, especially if they also adore Minions, Hello Kitty, or Star Wars and Superhero memorabilia. For the PEZ fan, why mess around with teeny tiny individual candies when you can have a PEZ dispenser that comes preloaded with 6 giant PEZ candy cartridges for unlimited enjoyment! This interactive dispenser stands around a foot tall and “speaks” to you while it delivers up to 12 fully wrapped packs of PEZ right into your hands. If you’re a movie memorabilia fan, add to your collection of souvenirs with characters like Minion Bob, or let the force be with you with a BB-Droid Star Wars PEZ candy dispenser or a giant Darth Vader PEZ dispenser. Either way, you’ll find it all at Candy Warehouse!
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