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Pop Rocks Fun Size Candy Packs: 100-Piece Bag by Pop Rocks

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Bang! Pop! Fizzle! No, it's not Chem Lab…it’s Pop Rocks! Invented in a top secret laboratory in the 1950's to create an entertaining candy experience, Pop Rocks, with their bits of carbonation, activate a true party in your mouth! They also make an awesome topping for ice cream or an explosive substitute for salt along the rim of a Margarita glass!

One well-traveled urban legend from the 80's reported that "Little Mikey", of Life Cereal fame, spontaneously exploded after consuming Pop Rocks and soda. Well, rest assured this little bit of "Pop Culture" is completely FALSE. FYI: The actor who played Mikey is very much ALIVE and prefers to remain anonymous. He currently works as an attorney in the New York City area.

Packet Dimensions (Inches): 2 1/2 x 2 1/2
...about half the size of a regular Pop Rocks packet.

Bag contains 100 Pop Rocks Candy Fun Size Pouches.

Shipping Weight ~ 1 lb.