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Fun Dip Candy

Who says eating candy can’t be fun? With Fun Dip, it says it right there in the name! There are so many things to love about Fun Dip candy packs. There’s the sour powder itself, available in an assortment of wild flavors like RazzApple Magic, Grape-Yumptious, and Cherry-Yum-Diddily. And then there’s the yummy candy stick that comes with each pouch, perfect for dipping, licking, and crunching contentedly away. Both an activity and a treat, Fun Dip is one of the most unique treats you can bring to a party -- and it’s always up for fun!

Originally called Lik-M-Aid, Fun Dip candy was created in the 1940s and became an instant favorite. While the sticks are now made of candy you can eat, they were once sold without the sticks and you had to use your finger which added to the childlike fun of the treat. This sugary delight was an instant favorite with young and old alike with the sweet and fruity flavors. Today, it is still one of the most popular candies on the sugar scene. The flavors of the originals are still in place such as grape, cherry, and orange, but new flavors have made their way to the candy shop with new options such as watermelon cucumber and mango lime for the most sophisticated of dippers. No matter which flavor appeals to you, our selection of Fun Dip is sure to bring out the kid in anyone with this classic candy treat. Great to have on hand as a quick go-to reward, these sugary delights are an instant crowd pleaser that will keep even the busiest of busybodies preoccupied and happy for a bit. Idle hands are always happy when preoccupied with Fun Dip! These candy packs aren’t just for the little ones either. If you want to kick back after a hard day at the office with your favorite dipping treat, we won’t tell anyone. Grab your favorite flavor and enjoy!
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