Atkinson Hard Candy Twists - Fruitie Tootie: 5LB Bag by Atkinson's Candy

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Legend has it, there’s a candy factory called Fruitie Tootie that employs people with hulk-like tendencies to take their aggression out in a sweet environment. Once the angries become level green irate, they’re given multi-colored sugar canes to wind together until they’ve got miniature hard candy twists. After the canes have been wound into comely lumps, the hulks feel at ease and return to a state of placidness. It’s pure genius on Fruitie Tootie’s end, plus it’s therapeutic for the hulks, and it will be really rewarding for you simply because you’re advocating peace while enjoying long lasting fruity flavor from this five-pound bag.

There are approximately 70 pieces per pound.
Candy Length: 1 Inch

Bag contains 5 pounds of Fruitie Tootie Twists Hard Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 6 lbs.