Foiled Milk Chocolate Dutch Tulips: 6-Piece Set by Gosanko Chocolate Art

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During the 1600s, the Dutch experienced a phenomenon known as "tulipomania," or the Tulip Bubble. In the early half of the century, the pretty flower became a fad amongst the upper-class citizens of Holland, so it didn’t take long for prices to mount. In March 1637, at the peak of tulip mania, some single bulbs sold for more than 10 times the annual income of a skilled craftsman! In one particularly humorous exchange, the goods traded for one bulb included (among other things) a bed, a complete suit of clothes, and a thousand pounds of cheese.

And while we’re not entirely certain what could inspire someone to trade half of their household for a single flower bulb, we’d definitely be down to barter a bed and cheese for these scrumptious foiled chocolates instead! These lovely milk chocolate delights are crafted into the shape of the beautiful flower, then wrapped in shiny metallic foils of fuchsia, light green, purple, yellow, red, and burgundy hues. It’s the most delicious way to craft a bouquet! In fact, we’d even venture to say these tasty floral confections might just be capable of starting up a whole new chocolate-tulipomania someday… so don’t delay, stock up now!

Sweet Specifications-
Candy Width: 2 Inches
Candy Height: 3.25 Inches
Total Height (including stick): 9.75 Inches

Box contains 6 Foiled Milk Chocolate Dutch Tulips.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.