Foiled Double Crisp Chocolate Bunny Ears: 4LB Bag by R.M. Palmer Company

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You’ve heard before that rabbit feet bring about good luck, but what exactly do a pair of bunny ears bring?

To be quite frank... we have no idea. But that doesn’t matter, because we found these Chocolate Bunny Ears and, well, we feel like the luckiest candy-lovers in the world! Deliciously sweet Palmer’s milk chocolate is speckled with yummy bits of crispy rice, for a crunchy, creamy Easter treat! Each piece is wrapped in shiny rabbit ear foils of pink, brown, blue, and white.

So this holiday, help put a stop to animal cruelty and stuff your baskets with chocolaty good fortune in the form of Foiled Bunny Ears! It’s the most delicious luck you’ll ever encounter.

There are approximately 40 pieces per pound.
Chocolate Length: 1.75 Inches

Bag contains 4 pounds of Foiled Double Crisp Chocolate Bunny Ears.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.