Foiled Chocolate Ballet Slippers: 100-Piece Tub by Storz

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Founded in 1948, The New York City Ballet is one of the most prestigious ballet companies worldwide. It is currently made up of 87 classically-trained, professional ballerinas, who perform in about 65 ballets throughout the year. The most essential piece of equipment for professional ballet dancers is the pointe shoe, and a year’s worth of these typically cost the New York City Ballet $600,000! That means the dancers go through nearly 9,000 pairs of shoes a year!

Numbers that impressive almost put this 100-piece box of ballet slippers to shame. But then again, these pointe shoes -- each wrapped in intricately designed pink, red, and yellow metallic foils -- are actually candy. That’s right, instead of being crafted with fabric and leather, these decadent little soles are made entirely of rich milk chocolate -- try that on for size, New York City Ballet! They’re perfect party favors or gifts for the ballerina in your life.

Slipper Length: 2.5 Inches

Tub contains 100 Storz Foiled Chocolate Ballet Slippers.

Made in Germany.

Shipping Weight ~ 5 lbs.