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Flix Candy

Way too wild to enjoy in a dark movie theater, Flix Candy should be tasted *and* seen. Beloved by children everywhere, this candy company's offerings are distinguishable from other run of the mill treats by their bright candy colors and zany, unforgettable forms. Known for the zing of the Sour Pacifier Pop, the chewiness of Gummy Candy Popcorn and fruity fashion-forward Gummy Candy Bands, Flix Candy is anything but boring. Licensed candies featuring animated icons of American films like Toy Story's Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Disney Princesses, and The Amazing Spider-Man are more are fun ways to keep your children's favorite stories alive long after the lights come on in the movie theater. When it comes to sweets, Flix Candy is the main attraction.
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