Fla-Vor-Ice Taffy Chewy Bites Candy Bags: 20-Piece Display by Koko's Confectionery

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Ah, there’s nothing like the sweet icy temptation of Fla-Vor-Ice. The fruity flavors of those frozen bars are certain to cool you down on a hot afternoon. But bear with us for one second as we present this little Fla-Vor-Ice dilemma: say you want to bring these delightful treats with you on a long car ride, or even just store one in your lunch box for an afternoon snack. It’s definitely going to melt in under an hour. So what should you do when you want to experience those delicious Fla-Vor-Ice flavors without the fret of your treat literally becoming a puddle in your hand?

Well, simple solution: Fla-Vor-Ice Taffy bites! You read that right. Now all the delectability of your favorite Fla-Vor-Ice tastes come in chewy, tangy, taffy nuggets! Each colorful little morsel rocks the signature fruity and delicious tang of those icy bars, without the ever-looming threat of becoming precipitation. Now you can enjoy the delightful chew of these new candies on a warm summer’s day, a cool winter’s evening, or any time of year!

Assorted Flavors:
Berry Punch

Display box contains 20 pouches of Fla-Vor-Ice Taffy Chewy Bites Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.