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eFruitti Gummy Jalapeno Peppers Candy: 1KG Bag by eFrutti

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So lately, you’ve had this strange craving for gummy Mexican food. (This is normal, we assure you.) Unfortunately, you can’t seem to find gummy tacos anywhere! Ditto with the gummy guacamole and gummy chimichangas. What’s a food-shaped-candy connoisseur to do?

Well, before you give up all hope of fulfilling your odd-yet-somehow-awesome desires, we’ve got something you’re going to want to see: Gummy jalapeños! They look like small and squishy versions of red chilies, but it gets better: Prepare to confuse, alarm, and then amaze your senses, because these piquant little peppers are a little bit sweet and a lotta bit spicy! Munching on a handful of these gummies is certain to make your eyes water with that familiar zest of jalapeño. Bring a bag to your next fiesta and expect to amuse and impress! (Feel free to tell people they're merely flavored with the innocuous taste of fruit for extra laughs.)

Pepper Height: 2 Inches

Bag contains 1 kilogram (~2.2 pounds) of Gummy Jalapeño Peppers Candy.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.