Easter Bunny Pinata by Party Darby

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Like the Santa Claus of spring time, the Easter Rabbit is known for bringing gifts of sweets and treats to the kiddies one night a year. And honestly, isn’t the nicest way to ask anybunny for candy to hit them with a large stick?

… Just kidding, we never would never condone real bunny bashing. For that reason, it’s best to celebrate Easter with a cute piñata in the big hare’s likeness instead! Complete with a snazzy dinner jacket and a fashionable bow tie, this rabbit makes a most fantastic Easter guest. Fill him with candy, and then let the little revelers whack at him with a bat until the sweet, sweet goodies come tumbling down upon their happily awaiting heads. It’ll be the hoppiest Easter yet!

Bunny Measurements-
Height (without ears): 15 Inches
Total Height (including ears): 20 Inches
Length: 10.5 Inches
Width: 9.5 Inches

Note: Piñata does NOT include candy, so feel free to fill it with any treat of your choice!

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.