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Dubble Bubble

Once upon a time, a chewing gum company in Philadelphia was searching for a non-sticky gum formula that would allow kids to blow bubbles with ease. Finally in 1928, after a year’s worth of trial and error, Walter Diemer created one… only to lose the recipe the very next day! It took him another 4 months of trying to mimic his original creation before he finally stumbled upon the perfect formula once again, so this time he stirred up a 300 pound batch (and kept careful notes of his success, we’re sure.) However, the only food coloring available in the factory was pink, so Diemer had no choice but to make his entire 300 pound batch that color. Funnily enough, thanks to this silly coloring coincidence, pink soon became the standard for chewing gum hues the world over! Diemer’s new bubble gum creation was soon sold under the name of -- you guessed it -- Dubble Bubble!

Treat yourself to America’s original bubble gum, now in an assortment of sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors -- fabulous bubble blowing madness is sure to ensue with every chew!
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