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Dove Chocolate

Decadent and smooth, few chocolates can compare to the name of Dove. With a rich taste that is always a joy to eat, Dove chocolate had humble beginnings to become one of the most beloved sweet treats on the market today. Who makes Dove Chocolate? Now a household name for fine chocolate, it began as a family-owned candy shop dating back to 1939 in Chicago. The flourishing business passed through family generations and was eventually acquired by M&M/Mars, making it accessible nationwide. Today, Dove candy and ice cream are now a common American association with indulgence, an ultimate in the world of sweet treats. Never settle for lesser chocolates when you can have the creamy, rich enjoyment of Dove!

When looking to treat yourself after a long day, a Dove candy is a rich reward worth savoring. This chocolate is meant to be experienced and not just mindlessly consumed. In fact, every piece offers a little message of inspiration to help take you to a new place of enjoyment while you experience the rich flavor of the candy. With a Dove chocolate, slip into a state of relaxation and enjoyment with a refined taste to accompany your journey. Their dark chocolate is the perfect touch of decadence to end your day while the milk chocolate is a creamy treat to remind you of childhood favorites. While the chocolate is always at the heart of all they create, they are always experimenting with new flavor combinations to bring you something exciting you are sure to love. Whether looking for a creamy peanut butter, luxurious caramel, or a delightful almond flavor, this is a brand that offers new taste sensations worth enjoying at every turn. There is no denying that fruit and chocolate are a match made in candy heaven. With options of whole blueberries, cranberries, and cherries covered in their chocolate, they have pushed the edge of enjoyment even further. Now owned by M&M-Mars; Candy Company, the Dove experience is a better way to enjoy your favorite treat today with these rich choices!
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