Dolcetto Cookies & Cream-Filled Wafer Bites Packs: 24-Piece Display by Dolcetto Petites

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Anything chocolate usually comes with a side of guilt. But not these Cookies & Cream Wafer Bites. They come with a side of "mmm-mmm" and a heaping helping of "oh wow" with none of the "ugh" that usually follows. That’s because each cookie is made with all-natural ingredients, like real cocoa in the crispy chocolate shell, and pure vanilla extract in the creamy vanilla filling. With only 100 calories per pack, it’s the kind of mid-afternoon snack that makes your sweet tooth say, "Alright!" while your tummy says, "Good call."

Display contains 24 packs of Dolcetto Cookies & Cream-Filled Wafer Bites.

Shipping Weight ~ 2 lbs.