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Jelly Belly Disney Mickey Mouse Bean Machine with Jelly Beans by Disney Candy

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It’s hard to argue that eating candy isn’t fun, but there’s something so much more thrilling about eating candy by the handful as it drops from a mini candy dispenser, don’t you agree?

For Jelly Belly fans and Disney fanatics alike, this Mickey Mouse Bean Machine makes the perfect delivery system for your favorite jelly beans! The clear globe at the top of the machine is adorned with Mickey ears, as if it has just returned from a trip to Disney World, and the base of the globe is rimmed with the faces of his classic cartoon friends. Everyone’s favorite animated mouse sits at the bottom at the contraption, lever in hand, ready to being cranking at the push of his handle! Watch as the real, working gears turn, causing the jelly beans to drop through the transparent blue chute -- just don’t be too mesmerized to remember to collect them before anyone else can swoop in and steal your chewy treasure!

Machine Specifications-
Capacity: 23 Ounces of Jelly Beans
Length: 5.75 Inches
Width: 6.25 Inches
Height: 9.5 Inches

Machine comes with 1 ounce of Jelly Belly 20 Flavors Jelly Beans, which does NOT fill the machine.

Made in the USA.

Purchase additional Mickey Mouse jelly beans.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.