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Discontinued Candy

Discontinued Candy
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Sadly, many popular candy products have gone out of production over the past 50 years. On the bright side, sometimes old time candies are re-introduced after many years of not being made, such as Tart-n-Tinys or Reed's Rolls (yippee!). Nevertheless, most discontinued candies never make a come-back. Still beloved in our memories, here lie the sweet deceased. May they rest in peace.

Abba-Zaba chocolate (Choco-Zaba - discontinued in 1998)
Adams Sour gums
Alpine White candy bar
Bar None by Hershey
Beech-Nut Spearmint and Wintergreen Gum
Beemans gum
Ben Hurs, try Anise Squares
Big Buddy Bubble Gum
Big Mouth Suckers
Big Mouth Bubble Gum
Big Pay candy bar
Big Tim
Big Time
Black Cat Bubble Gum
Black Cow sucker, try Black Cow Bars
Black Jack Gum
Black Licorice Dollars
Blizzard Bar by Bunte
Bob Cat Candy Bar
Brock's (not Brach's) candy puffs (very soft, melt in your mouth candy balls)
Bonkers Fruit Chews
Bub's Daddy bubble gum ropes
Bubbaloo Liquid-filled Bubble Gum
Bubblicious Cherry Cola flavor
Bubblicious Chocolate Mint flavor
Bubble Yum Rockin' Raspberry flavor
Butternut candy bar
Candy Lipsticks that were wrapped in gold paper and cellophane. They were bright red, rubbed off on your lips and dissolved in your mouth as you ate it.
Candilicious Chewy Candies
Candy Lipsticks (Sweetart style with plastic case)
Candy Raisins
Cherry Clan
Cherry Humps
Chicken Bones, try Chick-o-Sticks
Chicken Dinner candy bar
Chiclets gum, try Canel's Chicle Chews
Choco'Lite candy bar
Chug-a-Can of Candy
Chu-Bops Bubble Gum Records
Chum Gum
Clark Coconut Bar
Clove gum, available from time to time.
Danish Ribbons, try Broadway Rolls
Dazzle Candy Bar
Delfa Rolls, try Broadway Rolls
Denver Sandwich Bar
Dina-Sour Eggs
Domino's PIzza Bubble Gum
Dr. Pepper Gum
Dragon Fire Hot Cinnamon Gum
Dino-Sour Eggs (Wonka egg shaped jawbreakers)
E.T. Candy (heads filled with candy)
Fannie Farmer candies (now owned by Fanny Mae Candies)
Fan Tan gum
Fizzies Drink Tablets
Flicks Chocolate Wafers
Forever Yours, try Milky Way Midnight
Forrest Gump box of chocolate
Fortune Bubble Gum - It's back!!
Freshen-up Bubble Gum
Garbage Can-dy
Garfield Stripes Shredded Bubble Gum
Gatorade Gum
Goodnuff Peanut Bars
Goofy Groceries (Terios, Raisin Cain, Cheaters)
Hawaiian Fruit Punch Bubble Yum
High Noon candy bar
Hot Dog Bubble Gum
Hollywood candy bar
Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum Cola Flavor
Ice Cream gum
Jumbo Nerds
King Kong Heads Bubble Gum
Life Savers - Clove, Tangerine, All Sour Flavors, Cinnamon - current Life Savor flavors
Live Savers Holes
Licorice Whips
Licorice Babies
Love Nest candy bars
Lunch Bar
Luv Pops
Marathon Bar, try Curly Wurly
Mary Janes, chocolate covered
Mars Bar, try Snickers Almond
Mars Coconut Bar
Max Headroom Candy (heads filled with candy)
Merri Mints
Milkshake Sugarless Bubble Gum
Milkshake candy bar
My Buddy Candy Bar
Mr. Melons / Melonheads
Mr. T Gold Chain Bubble Gum
Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes by Brach's
Nestle' Alpine White with Almonds
Nestle' Magic Balls & Wonder Balls
Nestle' Quik Bar
Now and Laters - thriller, bubble gum, mystery mix, rum caramel, rainbow and raspberry flavors. Current Now and Later flavors
Old Nick candy bar
Oompahs, the new ones by Willy Wonka are not the same.
Orange Juice Bubble Gum
Orange-Its, Grape-Its and Cherry-Its.
Pal Bubble Gum
PBMax candy bar
Peach Jolly Ranchers
Pepsin gum
Pink Panther Bubble Gum
Pom Poms
Powerhouse candy bar
Prairie Scooner Bar
Rambo Bubble Gum
Red Hot Dollars, try Juju Coins
Reed's Candy Rolls, they are back!
Regal Crown Sours, they are back!
Reggie Bar
Rinky Dinks
Schrafft's Chocolates
Schrafft's Peppermint Patties
Screaming Yellow Zonkers
Sen Sen
Seven Up candy bar, try Sky Bar
Slush Puppie Bubble Gum
Smith Brother's Cough Drops, try Luden's Cough Drops or Pine Brother's Cough Drops
Smooth Sailin candy bar
Snirkles Caramel Candy
Sno King candy bar
"Spoon Candy"... we are not sure if this is the actual name, but it was a tiny fluted pie dish with soft creamy fruit flavored or chocolate candy and a very small spoon. One person has reported that it was called Bottle Caps... not the current candy by the same name. Another person says, "This was actually a type of pudding. It was a stove-top made pudding and put in the refrigerator to cool with a chocolate topping that hardened as it cooled."
Sour Bites
Space Food Sticks
Sprint chocolate bar
Sputnik Gumballs
Squirrel Nut Chocolate Caramels
Stretchy Boogers Gummy Candy
Sugarloaf Soft Bubblegum
Sugar Mama
Summit Bar
Super Mario Bothers Chocolate n' Crisp
Swell Bubble Gum
Sweety-Py candy bar
Tangy Taffy
Tart-n-Tiny is back!
Teaberry Gum
Thingamajig Candy Bar
Title Wave Bubble Gum
Tongue Splashers Bubble Gum
Wacky Wafers
Waleco Candy Bar
Walnut Crush
Wax Harmonicas, Whistles and Fingernails
Wazoo Candy Bar
Welch's Frappe Bar
Welch's Fudge Bar
Whistle Pops, they are back!
Whiz Bar
Wonka Bar
Yoo-Hoo chocolate bar
Yummy Mummies
Y&S Licorice Sticks
Zooks Bubble Gum
Chupa Chups Lolllipops
Famous Amos
Haribo Gummy
Hershey's Kisses
jolly rancher candy
PEZ Candy
Sour Patch Candy
Starburst Candy
Swedish Fish Candy
Tootsie Roll Industries
Twizzlers Candy